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Our first born is Vietnamese! This is an account of the journey to our baby.

Education Log March 27, 2008

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Today I sent our education logs to our program coordinator. Our agency requires us to complete thirty hours of adoption education before accepting a referral. We’ve been working at this for months. This also included taking a CPR/First Aid class. We ended up taking it with the foster/adoption group at our county social services office. It was informative and surprising less complicated than the last time I took the course. Things change I guess. Actually, my first aid certifications are overlapping by one year. Oh well.

Also, several families from my agency have received their I-600 approvals this week. I’m super excited for them and hope that it implies consistent timelines in the weeks and months to come.

As for us…we’re still waiting.


Three months March 14, 2008

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On Wednesday, our dossier had been in Vietnam for three months. I’m excited that time is progressing. But, there are so many factors in the equation these days. With so many unknowns, its hard to know what to think these days. So we celebrate that every day is one day closer to the day we finally bring a child into our family. And, we continue to wait…for a referral and for some information from the US and Vietnam governments to make announcements regarding in-process adoptions from Sept 1.

For friends and family who do not follow Vietnam adoptions closely…the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding inter-country adoptions between the US and Vietnam expires at the end of August. For inter-country adoptions to continue, a new MOU needs to be negotiated. It is unknown how long this will take. In addition, many families are waiting for approval from the US government to bring their children home. It is uncertain if the US government will continue to process the I600s and grant visas to the children or if the Vietnamese government will allow in-process adoptions to be completed after the MOU expires.

Please visit BringOurChildrenHome.org for more information.


An Ode to Faith March 9, 2008

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An Ode to Faith
-Patrick Overter

When you have come to the edge
Of all the light you know,
Into the darkness of the unknown,
Faith is knowing that
one of two things will happen,
There will be something solid to stand on,
or you will be taught how to fly



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Last Sunday, I attending a Blessingway for my friend Corrie. I don’t know how widely known Blessingways are, but I have been to several in the last few years. A Blessingway is a celebration of a woman late in pregnancy, and the journey she is about to begin as a mother. In addition to gift giving, we also each brought a bead and blessing for Corrie. The beads will be strung together for her to wear during early labor…a way to feel the support of her women friends. We also each tied a piece of string around our wrists. We’ll wear them until the baby is born as a reminder to remember her in these weeks as she anticipates labor and prepares for the baby. This is always a wonderful time of sharing, celebrating and anticipating of the transition into motherhood.

Here are several pictures from the event…and while the pictures indicate that there were only a few friends present, there were about 15 of us there.


Corrie is using cloth diapers and received the diapers she needed at the shower. She was thrilled.

We have several friends in this group who are pregnant. Corrie is due at the end of April and Abby is due at the beginning of June with her second daughter. Our baby will have many new friends waiting for his/her arrival!

These are the gifts that I made for Corrie–in addition to contributing to the diapers. I had a lot of fun making the bibs and “taggy”…I’ll definitely be making more in the future.

So far, all of the Blessingways I have attended have been for women who are pregnant. I wonder if anyone has been to a Blessingway for an adoptive mother and what that looked like. I also feel like my women community is so spread out these days. Being new to area, my circle here is still small and my circles in other areas are still strong. I was glad to be a part of this Blessingway, but it also made me miss many of the women I would want to be at my own.

If anyone has been to a Blessingway for an adoptive mother, please tell me about it.


This Little Guy Loves His Thumb March 6, 2008

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