Our Little Springroll

Our first born is Vietnamese! This is an account of the journey to our baby.

Renee & Jeremy February 26, 2008

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Yesterday morning, as we prepared breakfast, Nick and I listened to this entire CD online.
I came across it on a craft blog and fell in love with the likability of this children’s album. Aren’t these such sweet lyrics?

Night Mantra
by: Renee & Jeremy

I will be your home
I will be your guide
I will be your friend
always on your side

sleep now in your room
quiet of the night
surrounded by the moon
till you see the light

The music you hear as you view this page is them as well.


February 20, 2008

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One faces the future with one’s past.

-Pearl S. Buck

2 months February 12, 2008

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These little milestones are comforting in this crazy process. Today marks two months since our dossier went to Vietnam.


Merry Christmas Subscription! February 3, 2008

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One of my Christmas presents this year was a subscription to Adoptive Families magazine. My cousin, who adopted a child from China a few years ago, told me about this magazine a few months ago. My Mom then ordered it for us as a Christmas gift this year. Our first issue arrived this past week. I’m excited to be getting it and often stop by the website to read past articles, as well.