Our Little Springroll

Our first born is Vietnamese! This is an account of the journey to our baby.

Elizabeth Jane January 30, 2008

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Before we left Pittsburgh last year, our neighbors–Jess and Chris–shared that they had begun a domestic adoption process. At the time they were told that it could take years. So, imagine my surprise when I met their daughter this week! I was completely shocked because no one had told me before I met her in person. It was such a wonderful surprise. And she is such a beautiful baby.

I just couldn’t soak it in fast enough. My eyes continued to well up with happiness as I listened to their story. I still am so shocked and wish we still lived up the street and I could be there to celebrate with them more often.

Congratulations Jessika and Chris! I am so so happy for all three of you!


Elizabeth with her super cool parents, Jess & Chris.

Elizabeth with Brinnly. Since we last visited, our other neighbors, Jonathan & Kaethe, had their second baby girl. So, I got to meet two new Glenview residents this week! Unfortunately, Amalia had already gone down for a nap before I got my camera out. It is always fun to see her, too. She is such a great big sister and growing so fast!

It was really wonderful to see all of them. And extra special to have such good adoption news!


For the babe January 26, 2008

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I haven’t bought much for our baby. However, when I found these shoes, I couldn’t resist. Somedays I have a hard time grasping that this could happen. Other days, I can catch glimpses. I’m trying to keep a positive perspective. Now, if only I had some little feet to put inside!


Reading Vietnamese January 16, 2008

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I ordered a Vietnamese Dictionary & Phrasebook last week. I don’t know if it is the best one ever, but I think it is definitely the cutest ever. Anyway, this morning I decided to try using it to help me “read” the Vietnamese board book that Ben got for our baby. I forgot how funny direct language translations can be!

Mau Sac Thu Vat( Animal Colors -Vietnamese Edition )

The cover of this book (according to this dictionary) means “Color Book Word Squeeze”. I am sure something is lost in translation, however, I am also sure that each page represents a color and it is in fact a book and it does have words. Squeeze….leaves me hanging a bit.
I’m not exactly sure what the next pages say. This is a very basic dictionary and either the board book is too advanced for me or the Vietnamese Dictionary feels it is too advanced for children’s books. Either way, the words aren’t all in there and the picture of the pink flamingos on a blue water background gets a bit more confusing when you think it reads “Classified/One’s Child Young Lady/Aunt”… I may need to wait for better language instruction.
I did download some podcasts on learning Vietnamese and will work with them on a road trip that is coming up in the next week or so.  I am curious what tools others have used to learn Vietnamese. Has anyone used Rosetta Stone? Taken classes? Language tapes? What is most helpful? Oh, and if anyone can translate the book title correctly for me, please do!

My Other Blog January 13, 2008

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A little over a year and a half ago, I started my other blog. We started this blog–Our Little Spring Roll–as a blog for friends and family to follow our adoption journey. I’ve also been thrilled to get to know some other Vietnam PAPs and APs through having this blog. The plan has always been to combine the two once we bring our baby home, but that is months and months away.

As we wait for referral, there isn’t much that comes up for the adoption blog. I wait. I check all of the other blogs. I process. I pray. I read. I learn. I wait. But, there isn’t much to write about here.

In the meantime, I do update my other blog. And as of today, anyone who comments on that blog between now and the end of January will be entered into a drawing (for every comment left) to receive a package of handmade gifts from me. Whether you know me personally or not, please visit and participate. I have found that other PAPs and APs seem to be the most consistent people with leaving comments and I figured that you, too, should be rewarded.

Really, this is just a fun way for me to pass the time. And, if you didn’t notice….today marks one month! Yay!


Four Weeks! January 9, 2008

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We are four weeks into our wait! Four weeks isn’t exactly one month….but it feels pretty close! It is hard to believe that much time has already passed.

Yesterday I made a “Big-To-Do” list; things to do before and after referral. We bought our house last spring and still have several house projects that we’d love to have completed before we bring our child home. That will certainly keep us busy. And of course we have a child to prepare for… there is plenty to do!