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Our first born is Vietnamese! This is an account of the journey to our baby.

To the Embassy November 26, 2007

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Well, 20 days after I originally tried to do it, our documents are on their way to the Embassy for the final authentications. This time was incredibly free of drama. I went to the new mail center again and their calm, confident and clearly capable demeanor helped a lot! In fact, they sealed it and handed it to the Fed Ex guy in front of me. Yay! So, I guess that means that we have about 10 days/two weeks to finish up the other details before handing it to the agency.

We spent a lot of time talking this weekend and have decided to stay put. Our eyes are open, we’ve talked with many people and feel like we’re aware of the issues, but we’re also aware that there are no assurances in this process. So, we’ll see. At this point we are cautiously moving forward and trusting that we are making the right decision for us at this time. If and when we bring a child home, we can talk fully about our experience.


Happy Thanksgiving! November 23, 2007

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Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been pretty quiet lately. We’ve been processing a lot and trying to sort through some new information and figure out what we want our next steps to be. With so many questions that we’ve felt a need to take some time to think before we act.

I am incredibly thankful to the adoption world of bloggers that continually makes us think. I’m also thankful to those who remind me that it is okay to take the information, step back and trust ourselves in making decisions.

I hope that you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and find yourself surrounded by family and friends. And for everyone in the adoption world who is waiting (in one way or another), I hope that today you feel the peace of patience and thankfulness for each day that moves us closer to bringing our children home.


Reauthentication of the State Doc November 16, 2007

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So, last week I wrote about the craziness of learning that our PA state document was authenticated with the wrong seal. I figured I’d tell you the rest of the story.

Last Thursday, I called the PA state office and talked with an incredibly helpful woman who immediately recognized that they had made a mistake. She said that I did not need to submit a second authentication fee, or a stamped envelope, but just to send it directly to her and she’d put it back in the mail on the SAME DAY. Wow! Of course this is how you would hope glitches like this could be resolved–but I’m not one to assume that they will. However, I jumped in the car, took our marriage certificate and went to the local mailing center. The other local mailing center. I sent it overnight by FedEx.

I thought there was a chance that I would see it Saturday. If not Saturday, then definitely Monday or Tuesday. And every day I came home, I checked the doors. Doors, you ask? Yes, doors. You see, we have five exterior doors–any which one UPS/FedEx can (and has) used. But, I checked the obvious ones. And every day I thought, have patience, many little things could happen, and besides….you have other significant decisions to make that do not hang on this document! So, I kept being patient (seriously).

But, this morning I woke up thinking about it. “Okay, it should have been here. Something is wrong. I should have included a stamped envelope that could be tracked so that I would know what is going on. I’m going to need to call this woman. What if I can’t reach her. Can you call UPS and check what has been sent to your address? What is going on?” And then I couldn’t go back to sleep. My husband, seemingly always calm, reminded me that this is small and not in need of my worry.

And then, suddenly I had a new idea. Check the screened in porch!

Only once has someone put a package inside our screened in porch–but the weather has been unpredictable and someone may have thought it was the weather-safe option (of someone too lazy to walk to the back door that is fully protected by a porch and put it inside the screen door).

So, I came downstairs and went out on the porch and there, blown against the far wall, and damp from a week of general wetness, was the overnight UPS package. Which means….it arrived last Saturday or Monday, as I had thought it would! From now on, EVERY door will be in my door check.

Luckily, the document is fine, it was in a solid envelope and is possibly less wrinkled than when it returned the first time. And, it has the correct seal.


For Our Baby November 11, 2007

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This is a quilt that I began working on last year.
It is for our baby-whenever he or she joins our home.


Panic November 7, 2007

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I need to get this out of my system….so here you go!

I just took what I thought was our completed State authentications to the local mail center to be sent to the Embassy of Vietnam in DC. The entire drive back I felt sick to my stomach. I didn’t quite trust the college student behind the counter who was “helping” me. I don’t have a problem with college students or their ability to effectively do their job. This one though made me nervous with comments like, “I can’t figure out how this call waiting works.” “I’ve never done this before.” “Oh yea, I guess you’re right.” etc. I said, “These are VERY IMPORTANT documents and I need to know that they will ABSOLUTELY get there and ABSOLUTELY get back to me.” He said, “Yes they absolutely will.” And to prove it he added that his boss told him not to close the package before he could make sure it was done correctly. So, like I said, I felt sick my entire drive back to work. Panicked actually.

When I got back to the office, I checked my email. While I was running this so-important errand, I got an email from our program coordinator telling me that one of the authetnications wasn’t the correct seal. Now, this is a frustration point all of its own because I specifically called that state office and verifired that if I wrote “adoptoing from Vietnam” in my letter that absolutely the correct seal would be placed on the document. But it wasn’t. And now, our whole package is at some mail center with someone I don’t quite trust waiting to be sent. So, I quickly called the mail center and said, “DO NOT SEND MY PACKAGE, I’m coming to pick it up this afternoon.” He said, “Oh, wow. Okay.”

So, I tried to get back to work and felt myself hitting a breaking point, so I decided to jump back in the car and go get it. Amazingly, I felt a bit better on this drive back from the mail center than the last. Obviously this revelation isn’t ideal, but we caught it in time, and if it is what I think it is, it is the cheapest “mistake” we could have made in this part of the process. You have to find the silver lining somewhere.

So I guess now we’ll just figured out what we need to do to fix this. At most, we’ll likely add another week to our timeline before we send the Dossier to Vietnam.


Update November 5, 2007

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Nick brought the package home from work today. All of our NC documents are authenticated! The PA document did not arrive today, as I had expected, but will likely be here tomorrow (I think).


Mystery Solved

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After several calls to our local mailing center, UPS and anyone we work with who may have been there, we figured out that a woman received, but did not sign for the package. A bit disconcerting, and very little help, but we hoped to learn something Monday morning.

However, we (thankfully) didn’t have to wait until Monday. This afternoon we received a call from our boss, who had just returned home after being out of town for the weekend. Something arrived at their house for us on Friday! Go figure. Apparently when the UPS guy stops by the office after hours and no one is there, he just head to our boss’ house since he knows where they live. Crazy.

So, we know where it is and who has it. I will feel MUCH better when we have it and we know what it says…but at least we know that can happen tomorrow. And according to UPS tracking, the other should be delivered tomorrow as well. We had decided to have it sent to work since someone is always there during the day and it was cheaper to have it delivered to a business. Next time, we’ll have it returned to the house!