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Our first born is Vietnamese! This is an account of the journey to our baby.

State Authentications October 31, 2007

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Everything is in the mail. Yesterday I sent our Marriage Certificate to PA to be authenticated and today everything else was sent to the NC State Department for authentication. Both are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

I have to admit, I panicked just a bit walking away from the mail center this evening. All of a sudden I was worried that maybe I hadn’t included everything, or it wasn’t all finished, or something else was wrong. I looked over it several times before taking it, but wish I could look just one more time. Oh well. What happens now is just what it is…hopefully all is good. Our program coordinator looked over it all as well, so it probably is fine.

When we receive them back, we’ll send them on to be authenticated at the Vietnam Embassy in Washington D.C.. After that, they head to our agency to be translated and then Vietnam. Wahoo! It’s all coming together!


It came! October 27, 2007

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I didn’t expect to get our I-171H until the end of November. I’m not sure if I was preparing myself or being realistic. But…IT CAME TODAY! I am so exciting. I have had a pretty good day and just didn’t expect it. I hadn’t even gotten to the part where I eagerly check the mailbox everyday!

So, this weekend I need to pull the remaining details of the dossier together and get this thing moving.

As anyone involved in or following the Vietnam Adoption scene knows….there is a lot going on. I have been a bit overwhelmed trying to take in everything. I’m not sure what to even say about it. Although, maybe centralizing things can help with some of the unethical activity. I hope so. At this point I am still soaking it all up, trying to make sense of it all and formulate my own words. I have had a lot of reactions to the recent events. Sadness, fear, hope, disappointment for the families caught in the transition.

So, for the majority of you who have no idea what I am talking about, click below for a few good posts. Here and here.


Dossier Update October 18, 2007

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Yesterday we picked up our notarized letters from our physician. And this morning at work I got my employment letters and an email from our coordinator informing us that our criminal reports are good to go! I’ll put the letter to Register of Wills for a certified copy of our Marriage Certificate in the mail tomorrow. On my way to work this morning, I broke the dossier down into junks. Everything seemed much more manageable.

Documents we need to get:
(1) Marriage Certificate (newly issued)
(2) Criminal Reports (stamped with seal, less than 5 months old)
(3) Medical Letter from Doctor (notarized & on letterhead)
(4) Employment Letters (notarized & on letterhead)

Things we’re waiting on:
(1) A copy of our home study
(2) The I-171H (government approval to adopt internationally)

Things I can pull together quickly:
(1) Notarized copy of our passport
(2) Pictures of “Home Life”

Forms to fill out:
(1) Note Concerning Adoption Application
(2) Application for Vietnamese Child Adoption
(3) Commitment on Giving Periodical Information Regarding Development Of Adopted

Items that do not apply to us and therefore we can ignore:
(1) Single Parent Affidavit
(2) Power of Attorney in the case that only one spouse is traveling


Working on the Dossier October 11, 2007

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This week has been a bit overwhelming in my adoption world. We received the lengthy instructions regarding our dossier specifics. I went to bed early with a migraine before I was able to see it as a manageable project. Four days later, it feels specific, but doable. I think that I am a bit overwhelmed by “time” in general. Most people have sent off their dossier within 4-6 months. We’re at six months now and have probably 2 months yet (mostly due to waiting on CIS). I just have to keep reminding myself that immediately after we starting this process Nick was in a bad car accident and we decided it was time to proceed with a hysterectomy. We didn’t purposefully slow things down, but we didn’t push them forward either. We needed that time to adjust and process some of the other significant life experiences we were dealt. However, those are behind us. We’re both feeling great and recuperated. Life is finding a somewhat normal rhythm, and apparently I have more time to feel anxiety about how long we’ll be waiting to bring our baby home. I still seemed to believe that EVERYTHING will be better once the dossier is in Vietnam. I feel like right now we’re just waiting to wait. I’d rather just be waiting.

So, now that my poor-us rant is over, I will say that we had the physicals for our dossier this week. Being relatively new to our area, this was our first experience with this particular doctors office and I really like them. I like them for many of the same reasons that I like our bank….they both have the personal feel of a small town. When we lived in Pittsburgh, my doctor definitely knew me and was very responsive and personal, but the other people in her office didn’t seem to remember me from one time to the next. And the wait to see her was usually at least three months. Not here. To start with, as new patients I was about to get both of us appointments the following week. And just to prove how wonderfully small town we are, our doctors office does not have a notary, so the notary of our bank agreed to go to our doctors office to notarize the documents for us. I can’t imagine the look I would have received had I asked someone at our Pgh bank to do this. Then again, I’m sure my doctor’s office had a notary!

So, our homestudy should be sent to CIS at the beginning of next week. After that we likely have a month until we receive the I-171H. That means we have one month to get all of our dossier documents together. I’ve broken it into weekly tasks and figured out which documents will be notarized when, and when we’ll start sending them to the different states who need to participate in our authenticating. It is definitely doable.


Original Returned October 6, 2007

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They returned my expired passport!


Fingerprinted We Are! October 4, 2007

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On Tuesday night we drove to Charlotte for our Wednesday appointment. We had a great time visiting with Nick’s aunt and uncle and appreciated the less harried appointment day.

In the morning, we went to the Discovery Place and saw the Body Worlds exhibition. It was very interesting. Although, the several hundred students who were on a field trip certainly changed the experience a bit. There were many things that stood out to me but I think the most interesting was the wee-bit size of a normal uterus. Mine just wasn’t that small. I do have pictures from my hysterectomy of the removed organ (in little pieces). I don’t care how tightly you squeezed all of those little pieces together, they’d never be even twice that size.

Anyway, as we neared the end of the exhibit I suddenly remembered that we didn’t put any money in the meter at our fabulous parking spot. So our “great spot” ended up costing us $25. Whoops! I have no clue what we were thinking.

For lunch we managed to find a little Vietnamese restaurant near the fingerprinting office. It was some of the best vermicelli that I have eaten. We were also excited to learn that there was an Asian grocery store next door that has both Vietnamese and Indonesian food. I figure that if we ever need a break from mountain living we can head to the lake and hit up the Vietnamese food sources in Charlotte! Do you think its too far to travel two hours for your groceries?

The fingerprinting went very quickly and smoothly. It’s all electronic–which I didn’t know…but makes complete sense. We were in and out in about 40 minutes and on our way home again.

When we arrived home my new passport was in the mailbox! So, we have them both–although Nick received his old one back and I did not. Which sucks. But what can you do?

I feel like we’re doing something adoption related just about every day lately. It is nice to feel like things are moving forward. Next week we have our physicals for the dossier. Hopefully by the end of October we’ll have it all completed and will just be waiting on the I-171H.

On a non-paperwork note, I had a dream about receiving a referral the other night. It was my first somewhat normal dream about who this child might be. I can’t remember the name anymore, but it was a girl. I couldn’t believe it. And we got her at the same time we got the referral. Unfortunately in the dream it wasn’t all connecting though and we weren’t remembering to take care of her. My family was all here and they were doing everything. And then all of a sudden I realized that this child would never know who we were if we didn’t start meeting her needs. And that’s when I woke up. She was a cutie though and the majority of the dream was focused on trying to choose between two names….obviously more important than feeding, changing or comforting. As silly as this all is, I imagine that dreams will just become more vivid as we get closer and especially after we receive a referral.

Well, that is where our adoption stands today. I always love hearing from others with more experience then we’ve had so far. So, for any APs reading this, what kind of dreams did you have about your child before you met him/her? How did they change from before to after referral?


Another Small Step Forward October 1, 2007

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Nick’s new passport arrived today. I didn’t realize that they’d return the old as well, which is great. I am assuming that mine will arrive within a few days since we sent them in together.