Our Little Springroll

Our first born is Vietnamese! This is an account of the journey to our baby.

It’s here! September 25, 2007

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We received the fingerprinting appointment letter today! Wahoo! We go next week already. I was glad to learn that it was very early in the month.

We’ve decided we’ll make a trip of it and head to Charlotte Tuesday evening and stay with Nick’s aunt and uncle. Wednesday morning we hope to catch the Body Worlds exhibit at the Discovery Place before heading to our appointment.


Promising News September 24, 2007

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I emailed with our program coordinator this morning and she urged me to contact CIS about our fingerprinting appointment. I did and they responded immediately! I wasn’t expecting that at all. They are mailing out their October appointments today, so hopefully we’ll hear something by Wednesday. Wahoo!

Meanwhile, we should probably start looking at the rest of the documents needed for the dossier. We knew we had some time because of waiting on the I-171H and passports, but I think we should at least be aware of what is coming up soon.


Waiting-Part 1 (barely) September 20, 2007

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I really hope that today is the day that we receive our invitation to fingerprint. Sounds silly, right? No, actually we need that in order for them to continue/finish processing and return our I-171H. We aren’t expected to get that for another month or so, but this fingerprinting thing is a factor. I have found myself checking the mail with anticipation daily this past week. I also know that this isn’t the last time during our adoption process that this is going to happen. So, if you’ve adopted, and you want to share how long it took for you to get fingerprinted after mailing in the I-600A, I’d love to know! Although, I do realize that every state is different and timelines have lengthened…

I think I’ll do better with waiting after the dossier is sent. (Can’t wait to eat those words!) However, I’m sure that the hardest wait will be waiting to travel!


Final Homestudy September 9, 2007

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Thursday evening we met with our social worker for the final time. We had all of the documents we had been working to collect and handed them over to be included in the home study report. It has taken me a few days to get this post up because our conversation is a bit of a blur. I found it to be our most helpful meeting. I think this is because it overlapped with some of the books we’ve been reading most recently. We discussed having the referral reviewed by a specialist, bonding with our child, bringing our child home, sensory integration dysfunction, what special needs we’re willing to consider and many other things.

I want to comment specifically on the checklist that we did regarding the special needs we’d be willing to consider. While I understand the value of an activity that pushes you to think and define what you mean by “healthy”, this was an incredibly hard and uncomfortable task. And there has to be a better way than a checklist. I personally would rather have had space to respond in writing to each of the needs. It is such a strange feeling to check yes to this, no to that. Thanks to the blogging world, especially Lauri who has hosted some conversation on special needs, I have become more and more confident and comfortable with our limitations. We were also able to talk openly with our social worker about not only our limitations but also the awkwardness of the activity. She was very supportive and said that most people found it to be very difficult. I felt a need to qualify each of our answers. It is just incredibly hard to draw these lines knowing that ultimately “healthy” isn’t what is going to define our love for our child nor his/her need to be loved. But, I do think it is important for us as first time parents, as first time adoptive parents and in order for me to be able to stay home (financially) to be with our child, that we honestly look at our current limitations. We may not always have these same limitations, but ultimately this is where we are today.